General collections

We at Commercial Enforcements offer a bespoke enforcement and collection method to the commercial industry, which has a extremely high and proven success rate.

We do not send out letters to no avail like most companies, we however attend the commercial places of business immediately and speak to the debtors directly, we gain information by way of personnel traces and property searches to see if the debtor indeed has intrinsic wealth, which would then be investigated through our legal team and issuing a Statutory Demand and issuing Bankruptcy, winding up orders or indeed securing the debt by way of a property charge.

If however you need to ensure that commercial relationships are not affected by the dispute, then we can arrange and assist you in using alternative methods of litigation such as mediation.

We will provide you with plain and concise advise.

We have countless clients who have spent vast amounts of money through traditional methods to no avail.

These clients are not only satisfied with our service but by our professional approach and speed in execution in recovering funds which they had prior almost written off.We however at commercial enforcements are a no win no fee enforcement service, who not only act immediately but are extremely experienced in dealing with all facets within the Commercial Debt Recovery industry no matter how large or small the debt.