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Commercial Enforcements UK Ltd offers a tracing and investigation service for all our existing subscription clients,

With today’s high level of personal and business debt it is essential that the creditor makes and reestablishes contact with the individual in the event of the business or individual moving address without informing the creditor.

People Trace

Regardless of which industry you operate in, situations emerge when you might need to trace people even in a simple case of having lost a good customers contact number. Whatever the reason we can provide the optimum people tracing service.

Business Trace

Businesses are moving very quickly these days as we all know and so are the debts with them, our business tracing and investigation service has an outstanding success rate. Commercial Enforcements has an innovative approach to debt recovery, using the latest technologies and techniques.

The majority of debtors are traced within 24 hours, in the event of our agents are unable to locate the debtor, further manual trace methods are undertaken. Our Enforcement officers will attend the address of the debtors previous business and source information
from local businesses and neighbours in the vacinity which is effective in establishing the details required by our client.

Commercial Advice

Every year millions of pounds are written off because of individuals and businesses. Moving without trace so be among the few that protects their own interests and contact us at commercial today and you will be one of many we can help prevent these losses.

Smart guys with a whole new unique collection approach, delighted with their numerous collection assignments. Thoroughly recommended.DL-Flower Importers – HollandDirk
We can always rely on Commercial Enforcements in their fast , efficient, ethical approach and excellent collection return…well done.Covent Garden Wholesale and CateringI.A. Harris
Within 24 hours our problems with outstanding Commercial Rent or Forfeiture is resolved. I can always rely on Commercial Enforcements.Commercial Property DivisionSanjay
Fast, effective and gentlemen to work with, they amaze me in their quick response and speedy resolution.Covent Garden CateringMartinNatures Choice
We wasted no time in sending these boys in. A bespoke service for every problem. Never in doubt and a pleasure to work with.Covent Garden Supply – ImportersPaul & Alfie
These boys work miracles.Covent Garden ImporterGary
Delighted in how Commercial Enforcements collected a sensitive debt, avoiding time and expensive solicitors and leaving a continued business relationship between the debtor and myself intact.ITC Markets - FinancialDave
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Access to debt recovery reports

Commercial Enforcements gives the client availability to obtain regular reports and updates of each case as developments occur. Reports can be viewed at any time, including the collectors notes and payments made, It is a protected site with your own secure password

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